Waldhuegelland news

Ghillie's puppies
*** Upcoming Star ***

I'm a very proud co-owner of VP1 TORO von der BASTILLIE.
VP1 (Very Promissing 1) - 3-6 months class - Octoberfest Show Orangeville 2014 - SV Judge Mr. Albrecht Voerner.
Toro is imported from one of the best bloodlines in Germany.
Toro's full brother (littermate) was placed VP1 at NASS (American Championship) last fall. Toro has great temperament, very good drives, basic obedience done, social with other dogs and people. Preliminary x-ray done : normal hips and elbows.

Jiva's Puppies
Jiva's first litter arrived!

We are happy to announce the birth of our N Litter sired by VA Wind von Amalaberg SchH 3, KKL 1.
4 beautiful girls were born on Friday, May 2nd and according to the old rhyme, "Friday's child is loving and giving".
This exceptional litter produced 1 LONG COAT PUPPY! Our special girl loves people and water play; she is so much fun! All these sweethearts are cheerful, confident and energetic.
Puppies spend their first month in the kitchen, becoming accustomed to the scents at first, and then so many sounds and sights, and comings and goings. They have eager visitors from our "extended (through the dogs) family" and are much cuddled and loved. They mingle freely with the adult dogs when they are older, gaining confidence, learning manners and having fun.
Our puppies are very well socialized and well adjusted!
Puppies are ready to go to approved home. Check pictures on Puppies Page

Frolic's Puppies
A repeat of the K litter breeding, by popular demand!

Frolic gave birth to 7 beautifull pups in fall 2013

Our dog on the front page of Popular Dogs Series Magazine!!!

Picture of Helia Von Waldhuegelland - Frolic's daughter from litter "H" taken by famous photographer Seth Casteel whose photographs of dogs swimming underwater have gone viral - Little Friends Photo

Heike's Puppies
Geocaching with our girls

What's better than enjoying nature with a thrilled canine companion and sharing a fun mission!
Geocaching is going on an adventure to try to locate hidden containers, called geocaches, using a GPS-enabled device. Geocaching is a real life treasure hunting game, and with more than hundred of thousands geocaches in close to 250 countries, the playground is the whole world!

Heike's Puppies
Heike's first litter arrived

One Male and Four Females born June 3, 2012.

Talented Melody

The lovely and talented Melody (from our H litter) won every class she entered (in the higher level Novice B) to earn her CKC Companion Dog title and is now officially Hello Melody von Waldhuegelland CD.
Congratulations to Melody and her devoted owner!

Titled Girls
Our Girls are titled!!!

Ghillie earned her CD title including a prize for "Highest Qualifying Score for a German Shepherd" and an HIC, while Heike earned her Rally Novice title with a High in Class also.
We had lots of Fun.

Ghillie's puppies
December Puppies

Congratulations Ghillie on the birth of your bright and busy puppies!!!

Ghillie's puppies
Litter H is born !!!

May 22, 2009 brought eight healthy black and red puppies born to Frolic. Four males and four females.
Now all in their new homes.

Ghillie's puppies
Repeat breeding to Memphis

March 2009 brought another exciting litter from Ghillie. This is a repeat breeding to Memphis.

Frolic and Heike earned AD title!

Both girls easily trotted the 20 kilometres required to pass her AD!
This endurance test provides evidence that the dog is able to perform physical exertion to a certain degree without afterwards showing significant symptoms of exhaustion.
The German Shepherd Dog is a working dog. He must be capable of strenuous work. The required strain on the physical condition of the dog can only come from running exercises. Running places increased demands on the heart and lungs. It also tests other characteristics, such as vitality and toughness. The ability to endure is evidence of physical health and the presence of desired characteristics. These are essential for a working dog such as the German Shepherd.

Ghillie's puppies

Athos from our H litter excels in tracking in SAR traning.
Tracking dogs are trained to follow the scent of a person. In tracking tests, dogs are required to follow tracks of various lengths and degrees of difficulty to find articles which were left behind by the person who laid the track. This is a controlled way to measure a dog's ability to follow a particular scent from one point to another and a reflection of what a dog and its handler might be called upon to do in the search for a person.
While all dogs are born with the ability to follow a scent, not all dogs can be called upon to follow/find someone. Usually only a trained tracking dog that is willing to follow a scent that is selected by the handler can provide this service to the community.